Sit on down and buckle on up because I'm about to tell you some stuff!
Listen…My name is Alexis Ann aka THE Trailer Park Barbie and I was trashy before trashy was cool. You probably recognize me from over a decade of being a Retail Road Show Gypsy! Now I’ve sold some of the most Popular, Trendy, Upcoming and Fabulous lines out there at high volume Shows on the Road! Houston Nutcracker Market, Blue Hills Antique Show, and Woodlands Holiday Market just to name a few. Along the way our booths gained quite a reputation for having some of the BEST merchandise for our amazing customers.
Over the years I’ve been asked time and time again where to buy the goods online. Well guess what?! This website is my gift to you, to finally make all your pajama + wine online purchase dreams come true. 
I’ve worked REAL hard to create a great vibe and now you can be a part of our tribe! So come on and shop with me here at the best little online store in Texas! So please, visit my little site often and buy big because I’ve got donkeys to feed. It would make me happier than a tornado in a trailer park! 
Alexis Ann
The Trailer Park Barbie